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Post Operative Care

We deal with each patient and condition seperatelyand may tailor your post-operative care. If you have any serious problems we want to know about them as soon as possible as we may want to see you urgently. 
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Initial Elevation and Rest

Your hand will be partially numb after the operation due to the local anaesthetic given. We will provide you with a sling to go home with. It is important that someone is able to take you home after the operation as you will be unable to drive. 
As your hand 'wakes up' it is essential that you keep it elevated throughout the first 48 hours. This minimises any potential swelling and pain. A swollen hand is not only painful but can also cause severe stiffness which can be detrimental to the operation

The Wound

Most of the stitches that we use are fully dissolvable within 3 weeks. It is essential that you keep your wound clean and dry for the first 2 weeks after the operation. We wil often ask you to see your GP practice nurse at 1 week for a dressing change.
It may be that you are put into a splint or Plaster and this should be kept dry and looked after. 
Again any increase or deterioration in symptoms may indicate an infection and should be deal with as a matter of urgency

Usually we will prescribe a mixture of codeine and paracetamol following surgery (cocodamol). This is normally entirely sufficient following our procedures. If your pain requirements are increasing then we want to know about it and would be grateful if you get in touch with us. We work as a team and if your surgeon cannot see you himself then we will endevour to see you 


Pain Relief

"We aim to provide a first class treatment to all our patients"
We recognise that peoples needs and demands vary considerably. We tailor our treatments to each patient seperately"